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  • Digital Signage

    Captivating motion display conveying your message to a targeted audience

  • Captivating

    Motion graphics attract 10 times more attention than static media

  • Effective

    Reach thousands of consumers with relevant content and dynamic, creative ads

  • Custom

    All content is custom created and company-specific, unique to your digital signage application

Digital signage is the future.

Digital signage is the newest form of communication, it has many advantages over traditional static media. Digital signage is fully adaptable to ever-changing business environments. Changes can be made in real-time, avoiding costly wait times associated with traditional print media. There is no limit to what digital signage can do to improve your business!

Advertising Networks

We currently own and manage two advertising networks in Brant County and Elora. We are specialists in establishing networks and welcome inquiries from savvy investors interested in capitalizing on a great new revenue generation tool.

Our installations consist of large LCD screens showcasing ads designed and created by our team of skilled animators. Affordable custom content enables even the smallest business to have their very own commercial.

In-House Marketing

Digital signage is a captivating means by which to communicate a multitude of messages to your clients and employees. Strategically located screens ensure your message reaches your target audience.

The nimble software system used by techPlanIT ensures your message stays current and can be updated in real time as often as your campaign dictates.

Hospitality Industry

Restaurants and bars can benefit from a variety of digital signage installations from digital menu boards, host locations for digital advertising networks, and digital tablet table talkers to replace traditional print media that is costly to update.

This is the perfect medium to advertise daily food and drink specials to your patrons - captivating and flexible enough to be updated every day.

Retail Experience

Engage the consumer where it matters most. This is where digital signage can profoundly enhance the customer experience.

Creative digital displays can serve to inform, educate and entertain with animated content or touch-screen interactive installations. Way-finding maps and in-store marketing displays are just two examples.

Angels Diner

We have fantastic services & amenities for business travellers.

Kings Machi Buffet

We have fantastic services & amenities for business travellers.

Property Guys

We have fantastic services & amenities for business travellers.


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